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The setup program will display a form which shows the name of each file as it is installed and also a 'progress bar' indicating how long the process is taking.

Please be patient. Many programs produced by Mistral Associates are very large. Certainly far larger than the products of all known similar developers (and from imitators!). This does not mean the programs are slow to operate. On the contrary; it is precisely because the programs are so comprehensively written, including sophisticated 'intelligent logic' routines and 'dynamic error trapping' routines for example that makes them so much faster and easier to operate. Importantly too - Making the results totally reliable!

Depending upon the size of the program system installed and also the power (speed) of the computer to which the programs are being installed the installation process can sometimes take as long as five or more minutes! If the progress bar appears to stop for a seemingly long time then it is most likely due to an exceptionally large single file currently being installed. Unlike most other software developers (and especially Microsoft!) Mistral's progress bar is very accurate. Go and make a cup of coffee and return a few minutes later!

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